Our Services

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our electric vehicle charging installation service provides a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of EV owners, developers, operators and contractors. We specialize in being able to provide clients with a flexible offering for large scale DC Fast Charging (DCFC) installations, providing turn key full scope installation services including project management for multi site installations, or partial scope services for those completing some services such as project management and civil services in house. 

We also install Level 2 Public Destination Chargers and home chargers.

Not only do we install, but we maintain EVSEs as well! 

Civil Works

At Highmark Power, we offer comprehensive civil and electrical contracting services tailored for the clean energy sector in Atlantic Canada. Our civil capabilities encompass trenching, pile driving, ground screws, excavation, and other heavy machinery operations.

Committed to quality, safety, and innovation, Highmark Power is the ideal partner for renewable energy and engineering companies seeking reliable and skilled support for their clean energy initiatives.

Solar Energy Systems

Our solar energy service offers a tailored solution to both residential and commercial customers. Providing supply and installation of solar energy systems according to your specific needs. 

Whether you require a 250kW commercial system or a 7kW residential system, we have the expertise to cater to any site requirement with our unbiased approach. We understand that not every site is the same, and we always take the time to assess your site to choose the best options for your energy needs.

Incentives that can help save on solar energy:

Energy Storage Systems

One of Highmark Power’s unique strengths is grid scale and residential energy storage systems, providing quality solutions for homes and businesses. 

As well as being a Certified Tesla Powerwall and home charging installation contractor, we design and procure a battery system to fit the specific project’s needs. Our team is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced with all types of battery storage and microgrid applications.

Our energy storage system installations are tailored to fit each unique situation, taking into consideration the energy needs, available space, budget, and other relevant factors. We will deliver an efficient, effective and long-lasting solution.

Your clean energy partner

We work with you to provide the most complete solution for your project - no matter the size.