Highmark Power Inc.

Providing advanced understanding of electrical and clean energy projects throughout Maritimes

Where we started

Highmark Power was founded in 2022! Yes young, but backed by one of the most experienced electrical heavy teams you will find that also happen to be experts in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, Solar, Battery Storage, Microgrids and Wind!! Our team is experienced with a wide range of diciplines, and we have a way of doing pretty well any job we are capable of doing to get the job done! Some of that experience includes Project Management, Renewable energy system designs and consultation, Wind turbine, Solar and Battery Storage construction and maintenance, Industrial electrical, Civil work including trenching, excavation, concrete work and foundations, welding, carpentry… gardening.. the odd beverage taste testing… You name it one of us will know how to get it done!! So we took that attitude, work ethic, drive and experience (or the applicable ones anyway) and applied it to the formula that makes us a unique powerhouse of capability!


Marc MacDonald


Marc began his electrical career in 2007 as an apprentice, eventually moving into the renewables space in 2015, as an electrician during the construction of the 102MW South Canoe Wind Farm, transitioning to lead technician for O&M and eventually project manager. In the past 7 years, he was fortunate to gain valuable experience on the largest wind farm in NS, the largest BESS project in Atlantic Canada (2018), the first EV charge network in NS and PEI, the first Tesla Supercharger in Atlantic Canada, and multiple other fun and exciting projects from solar, storage, microgrids and EV chargers. Prior to renewables, Marc worked as an electrician and foreman on various construction and Industrial sites, including Michelin Bridgewater as central maintenance electrician, PCL Construction as an electrical foreman and Halifax Shipyard as a marine electrician.

Stephen McCulloch


Stephen began his electrical career in 2010 as an apprentice electrician, eventually moving into the renewables space in 2018, as an electrician completing the first EV Charging network in Nova Scotia and PEI. Stephen lead many projects from O&M, service calls, and electrical and civil construction around Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Stephen worked as a site foreman and superintendent on projects working with sub contractors, as well as projects leading his own staff of operators, labourers and electricians. He was fortunate to gain valuable experience on the first DC Fast Charging network in Nova Scotia construction and Maintenance, the First DC Fast Charger in PEI, and the majority of the Tesla Supercharging Network in Atlantic Canada. Stephen also lead the construction team on many commercial and residential solar projects throughout the Maritimes. Prior to renewables, Stephen worked as an electrician on various construction and Industrial sites, including IMP Aerospace as maintenance electrician, and Bergman Electric as a Construction Electrician.

Our Services

Renewable Energy Systems

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Electrical Vehicle Charging

DC Fast Charging / L2 Destination Charging / L2 Home Charging

Electrical Servics

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